The objective of the PermaShrink certification program is the following:

  1. To insure consistent, reliable adherence to precise tolerances for cloth shrinkage control and appearance, verified through rigorous over-inspection.
  2. To verify that a mill possesses the necessary up-to-date equipment, for cloth preparation, shrinking and physical testing of fabrics and that all equipment is in good working order, properly maintained and adjusted.
  3. To train and evaluate mill personnel in all phases of pre-shrinking and physical testing of shrunk fabrics for shrinkage control verification.
  4. To evaluate the cloth producer to determine that the company has accepted the commitment to produce fabrics to the most stringent standards for cloth dimensional stability and appearance on an ongoing basis.

It is unrealistic to expect that a textile mill's personnel can objectively police themselves. It has been proven that if the installed equipment is adequate and properly maintained and the shrinking machine operators, maintenance, and laboratory personnel are well-trained and confident in their jobs, they will act responsibly with pride and purpose.  This is the premise of our training program.

Permashrink certification is offered only to those customers who unfailingly agree to meet the criteria covered above and who have shown their commitment to adhering to the conditions and standards for certification.

A general certificate of proven quality achievement will be presented to those mills meeting all requirements for equipment adequacy and personnel training. Certified textile mills will be listed on the PermaShrink web site for easy verification of certification status.

Because the rubber belt is the heart of the compressive shrinking machine (sanforizer), only those mills using the most suitable and highest quality rubber belts and felt blankets to ensure optimum shrinkage control and appearance will be certified.  Durafel felt blankets are the only products which we have determined to be of superior quality and performance.  Conditions which are deemed absolutely necessary to reach the lofty standards of Permashrink certification.

Certification is accomplished through group seminars and on-site inspections and audits offered locally in many areas worldwide, or via special visits requested by individual textile mills wishing to be certified.  For additional information, please contact us at: info@permashrink.com